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You need to be in regular action to stay competitive in the Hospitality, travel, transportation, and logistics industries. You must adapt to m​eet the fast-changing IT demands of your marketplace. From developing and enhancing online reservation systems, migrating legacy applications, automating mission-critical applications and everything in between, you have challenges. We have solutions you can trust.

We understand the critical role IT systems play in the delivery of services to your customers. Let us work with you to develop the solution you need through our integrated service offerings in applications, consulting & outsourcing services. Together, we can enhance your competitiveness and improve the return on your IT investment by providing innovative services and outsourcing solutions that streamline work, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Early adoption of technology by Hospitality, travel, transportation, and logistics companies has resulted in heavy investments in legacy systems. While these systems and technologies have met most of the requirements in the past, there are several limitations and constraints, prompting these companies to consider replacing the existing system. Codetech Solutions has extensive expertise in migrating legacy applications to new generation technologies.

At Codetech Solutions we bridge the gap between technology and its use, with an aim to optimize costs and enhance productivity.

Services We Provide

  • Building dynamic, online passenger reservation systems with rich content and multifunction capabilities
  • Migration, enhancement, and maintenance of legacy applications and systems
  • Implementation and customization of third-party applications and IT solutions/li>
  • Testing and quality assurance services
  • Consulting & Outsourcing services

Why Codetech Solutions

Codetech Solutions makes a difference to your online business initiatives in several ways:

  • Defining appropriate enterprise architecture, ensuring that technology investments are aligned with business goals
  • Recommending the right technology platforms and tools required to meet business needs today, while remaining scalable for the future

Ensuring consistent high-quality and on-budget delivery with globally distributed, near-shore software development

  • Supporting and maintaining technology solutions while continuing to deliver on ever-changing business user needs